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Buying Missing Pension Years

How to buy missing NI years to increase state pension

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My 60 year old sister in law needs to buy 5 years of NI credits in order to get the full state pension.   She does not work.   I have searched the tax website and cannot find a method to actually buy a missing year.   Have even written to the Pensions dept, but have received no reply.    Doe's anyone know, how it
can actually be done ?

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By janelm
10th Jan 2022 17:06
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By paul.benny
10th Jan 2022 17:17

It's worth checking her contributions record - if you haven't already done so - to get the definitive amount.

I would also counsel an honest assessment of health/life expectancy. IIRC, the payback is about 5 years once the pension is in payment. If there is not a reasonable probability of sister living that long, voluntary contributions may not be a wise choice.

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Replying to paul.benny:
By aka_bilk
10th Jan 2022 17:29

6 more year are required , so I calculate she needs to live to 71.5 to benefit. She has sufficient funds earning peanuts in bank accounts to cover the cost, so worth the gamble.

Looking at the payment links the only way seems to be by the direct debit form, as the payment by bank transfer link, requires a 16 digit reference number, that she does not have. Will just buy one year at the first attempt, to make sure it all works correctly.

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