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C P D for 2019

Any recommendations for providers

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I am in the process of planning my C P D for 2019.

I have found in the past the courses i have attended have been more academic than practical. I have found that lectures have read through the legislation with few practical examples of how things would be applied in practice.

Do readers know of CPD providers that provide practical workshops showing how legislation would be applied in practice ?



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06th Feb 2019 11:55

I find Tax and Accounting TV to be good at keeping up to date with changes - good value CPD overall and easy to fit in.

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06th Feb 2019 13:53

I've found SWAT excellent over the last few years. They've now merged with Mercia, but I'm sure we will see the same lecturers. I used to go to lectures and found most of the lecturers giving practical examples, so you seem to have had some bad luck.
I now just subscribe to the webinars, but the same lecturers still give me value for money, just at a lower cost.

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06th Feb 2019 13:59

What are you looking for ?

Face to face ? Online webinars ? Or what ?

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to lionofludesch
06th Feb 2019 14:15


I would consider any option just as long as they gave practical examples of how things would actually work in practice.


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06th Feb 2019 14:18


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to andy.partridge
06th Feb 2019 14:30

I do Mercia. Good value - £54 a month, about 30 courses to go at, though not all will be relevant (I'll probably do about 15).

Plus - if I can't make the course at Garforth, maybe because I'm on holiday or it's snowy, I can do it on another day at Elvington or Willerby or two or three other places within striking distance.

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