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C79 Duplicate Request Faxing Problem

C79 Duplicate Request Fax keeps getting rejected

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I've been trying to get duplicate C79's from the VAT Central Unit Microfilm Section for a couple of weeks now without any luck. The problem is that every time I fax I get an error saying it didn't go through. I've tried several different fax machines as well as some online services and I keep getting the same error. I've tried the following numbers:

03000 594271 
3000 594271 

I called HMRC twice and both times they said the only thing I can do is to keep trying to fax but I've been trying almost every day for the past two weeks and I still get the error.  Does anyone have a workaround or an alternative fax number that is functional? 



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By Democratus
21st Nov 2019 12:12

Following up - I have the same issue - anyone know if they take it by post, or carrier pigeon, runner, smoke signal or any other outmoded method of communication?



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