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CAA Team - 64-8

CAA Team - 64-8

Not question I know but I wanted to express my frustration at the CAA Team which process forms 64-8.

Sent in a form three weeks ago and were suprised that it hadnt been processed and so called the office today and found out they are only dealing with post upto 23rd April!

What a farce
James Stratford


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25th May 2007 00:01

Longbenton is well maybe... a Black Hole
You mean to say the CAA team actually exists; for some time I’ve believed it was a black hole where 64-8’s were sent never to be seen again!!!

I got so frustrated with them, a local senior officer offered to accept all mine and even had her staff ring me up to acknowledge their acceptance so they had a log of it. Sadly they have been amalgamated with another office and so lost this personal touch. I doubt if they would have agreed to this if they didn’t realise themselves that there was a significant problem with Longbenton.
I would suggest always taking a copy. Some officers will accept it as proof one exists some want it re signed.

I know officers are frustrated too. I’ve had them ask me not to send copies of 64-8s with letters as the whole reply will end up in that black hole.

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By Anonymous
24th May 2007 15:52

Staff cuts
Its very annoying, especially as the CAA was very much needed and has only been in existance a couple of years.

I guess the 10,000 staff cuts ordered by GB have hit that section quite hard and I can only see Revenue services declining as more staff are cut.

It seems daft to me that the FBI 2 forms which I struggled to churn out 2 years ago only give Online authority. Why didn't they just say, file 64-8's ? Usual thing; they couldn't run a bath!

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