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Calculate Growth Amount from Total Revenue

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I am reconciling revenue for the month and need to calculate the growth amount for fees that have an uplift 

For example our standard fee might be £350 and we charged an uplift fee of 40% which is £490. The growth amount is £140. On the spreadsheet the revenue amount is the total amount we have charged ie £490 so what formula can I use to calculate the growth amount?

The current formula is revenue amount X 40% which is technically incorrect

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By alfredpennypinch
17th Apr 2019 18:38

490 / 1.4 * 0.4 = 140

Or revenue / 1+growth% * growth%

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Replying to alfredpennypinch:
By angelas91
17th Apr 2019 19:45

Thank you so much that works!0

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