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Calendar synchronisation

Calendar synchronisation

Currently I can set Outlook on my mobile to synchronise emails, contacts and diary with my work computer or my home computer. If I try to do both I end up with all my personal stuff on my work computer. I know contacts, etc can be flagged as personal, business, etc. but I have not come across a system that uses that information to allow selective synchronisation. Does anyone know whether it can be done - whether on Outlook or any other system?


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22nd Nov 2011 11:44

Calendar Syncronisation

I have resolved this in the following way:

I have hosted exchange at work.

All work emails, calendar items and contacts etc would be syncronised anywhere the hosted exchange account is added for example - on your work machine, on your mobile, on your home computer (assuming work are happy for this to happen).  Any work done, or anything added into the exchange account (eg reply to an email, add a new contact etc) would be available on all other devices.

On my phone these emails are in my 'Mail' function. The exchange data autosyncs using my 3G connection.

At home, I use Gmail (I have a number of different email addresses which are all downloaded into it - I can send emails from each of those addresses also).

Gmail also autosyncs onto my phone using 3G. The email is managed from within a gmail app.

My phone syncs with the calendar from work and home and marks each with a different colour in the margin - same with contacts. When I add a new item on my phone I can select which calendar I am adding it to eg - work or home)

It is possible to see your work emails/ calendar items etc on your home PC and within Outlook - but I cannot work out how you would sync them onto your phone without getting them mixed up as you indicated.

Hope this helps,

Russell Dickens



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22nd Nov 2011 14:12


Which mobile phone are you using?

iPhone works very well in this situation. It syncs emails, contacts and calender from my work Exchange server, and syncs the same from Outlook on my home computer which has my personal contacts and calender. The emails, contacts and calender form the 2 sources are kept separately and can be viewed combined or separately as you desire.

Android does not have a sync facility to sync contacts with Outlook. It can only sync with Exchange. I can export contacts from Outlook and import into my Android phone but then any updates on one side would not sync. Also it does not keep separate contact lists so any contacts imported from my home computer will appear at work. I have not tried this with calender but I presume it will have the same effect as contacts and both home and work entries will get mixed up in both calenders.

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09th Dec 2011 10:43

Thanks for the replies

Thank you for the responses. The system did not notify me they had been made (thought I had flagged it to do so but perhaps not!).

I currently use an oldish Xperia X1 with Windows mobile. I sync with work via Microsoft Exchange using 3G. I sync at home via a direct connection.

I am happy for all my work calendar and contacts to be on my home machine as well as my phone but I don't particularly want my home calendar and contacts to be on my work machine but do want them on my phone.

If I cannot selectively sync then another solution would be for the sync between work and phone to be one way but I do not think this is possible either!!

If, as suggested, it is possible with an iPhone then I may need to change!

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