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Caliming a tax refund

Caliming a tax refund

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Following hte submission of his 2011 Tax Return,one of our client  is due a refund. HMRC has not yet repaid this to him despite making a cliam on the return. It would appear that his employer has failed to pay PAYE to HMRC. As far as our client is concerned he has had tax withheld at source and therefore he should be entitled to his refund. What should we do to ensure he receives it? 

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By justsotax
01st Mar 2012 09:35

Have the revenue actually said that this is why they

are withholding his refund?

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By Euan MacLennan
01st Mar 2012 10:13

Send a copy of his P60

Submit evidence to HMRC in their approved form of the deduction of PAYE tax and demand the refund.  If it is not forthcoming, write a letter of complaint.

The apparent failure of the employer to pay over the tax they have deducted under PAYE is a matter for HMRC to pursue with the employer.

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