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Calling all TAS Books Users; Job Control

Calling all TAS Books Users; Job Control

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I am a TAS fan, and have used their software for over 10 years; I think it's a brilliant package. However, the lack of job/project control drives me nuts. I have written to TAS several times, they have introduced a very useful but rudimentary system now, but it needs to be enhanced. I would be very keen to hear views of others with aim of a mass petition to TAS to force them to take this more seriously.

Established users will be aware of the Tag Code feature, by which you can allocate sales, purchase and cash book transactions to a Tag code. This then forms a pot to accumulate all such transactions applicable to a project/job or anything for which you want to accumulate revenues and costs. This analysis is additional to the usual nominal ledger analysis, and is extremely useful.

However, there are severe limitations. Firstly, and most importantly, the tag codes cannot accept entries from the nominal ledger. Therefore it is not possible to allocate to jobs/projects direct wages or any other centrally incurred costs, and no form of acrruals or period end adjustments can be entered.

Secondly, one transaction can be allocated to only one tag code/project/job record. So if a supplier invoice includes costs applicable to more than one job that invoice cannot be split between the 2 jobs.

For the life of me I cannot understand why they have gone to such enormous lengths to include all the complexities of full stock control and invoicing, yet totally ignored the need to track revenues and costs back to individual pieces of work. In my experience the latter is more often required than stock control. Integrated stock control is useful only for those companies that hold significant stocks. Yet many more companies have a need to track the profitability of each piece of discreet work they undertake. This will apply to most businesses where each piece of output is a unique blend of sales price and resources consumed.

Anyway, the point is does anyone else share this frustration and if so, 1)Would you write to TAS to inform them of the fact, and 2)I would love to hear from you with a view to persuading them to do something about it.

TAS is such a good package but is blighted by this one shortcoming. They have made a start on rectifying it, but I think they need a big push to make them finish what they started.

If anyone is interested in hearing more of how I feel they could improve things I can send you a copy of a document I have written on this subject.

Thanks for your interest.
Graham Pears

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By Anonymous
15th Oct 2003 16:42

TAS-job costing?
I read all the postings with interest as I am interested in investing in TAS IF job costing was improved.
Does anyone know if steps are being taken by TAS?

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By kchuttun
28th May 2003 17:59

TAS Books

I am the new product manager for the TAS Books products. It is good to hear that you are a TAS fan. Can you please email me what you would like to see improved in the TAG code function and how you envisage this working, I will bring them up in the next product meeting. We are releasing version 3 very soon, unfortunately it is too late to include this in there.

Furthermore I would like to hear from you in how we can improve our product & services to meet your needs, please feel free to email me at [email protected].

May I take this opportunity to thank you for being a long time user of TAS and hope that we will be able to serve you better in the coming years.

M K Chuttun

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By AnonymousUser
28th May 2003 22:36

TAS Tag Codes
I would like to endorse what others have said.I have also been using TAS since 1992 and find it an excellent package. The TAG code however needs to be applied at transaction distribution line level ( to enable split costs) and should be available in journal postings and indirectly from stock issue postings. Time billing functionality would also be welcome. I look forward to the new release and I am encoraged that the product continues to be improved. A user group would be of particular interest.

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By Abacjm
29th May 2003 02:05

Money Manager from Moneysoft has sued Tags for years too and they can be inserted at any level in the direct entry one line system.You can split entries into the smae cost centre eg Wages and tag it from a to Z to your hearts content.
I tried TAS once when it was being agressively marketed and I found it to be too like Sage and equally difficult to master.

Give me an Accounts package that is simplicity itself to install, multi-currency, multi-business, multi-vat rates, easy to copy and paste to other packages like Excel, easy to add sub-accounts on the run and easy to sort/edit/cut/amend any entries along with the facility to lock months on finalisation, a prog that handles y/e accruals/prepays automatically and allows you to extend acc. periods to 18 month max as well as auto-create a follow on file for next year, handles, Sales/Purchase/Nominal/Costing ledgers and Payroll including CIS and you can see why it is a good suite of progs. if you don't believe me!
I too have been using Money Manager and Final Accounts since 1993/4 and they ALWAYS listen to customers as you can speak with the software designer when you call them up.

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By Anonymous
27th May 2003 21:45

TAS Improvements
TAS, in common with 100% of all known software authors, has absolutely no interest whatsoever (although I may be understating the situation) in the views, opinions, free comments from long-suffering oppressed users of their software.
If there was any flicker of interest they would make it eeeeasy for users to send them comments, and they would enter into a dialogue with some user groups or something to ensure improvements get actioned
e.g. you install a new company and your personalized toolbar is not copied onto the new one. The fix…..…. I know it!
The software has permanent PMT, and crashes too often. And appallingly it has no inbuilt error-checking routines.
All defaults were set by IT guys not accountants
The default templates supplied are crap crap crap
The link with Msoffice is in fact only a very ragged link to Word which has even more PMT than the main package
Despite which I tell all my clients that it is the best of a rubbish bunch. One day I shall get my own package written, flog on the Net for £111 ea. and retire to Hawaii 5 yrs later having creamed millions from ecstatic customers.
[email protected]

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By cbales
25th May 2003 22:11

I'm probably not welcome on this one, but .......
I'm probably not welcome on this one, but you might be interested to have a look to see how comprehensive QuickBooks is in this field as well as in most other areas.

QuickBooks Pro has a full job costing system included. This includes allocation of labour costs and the payroll system can easily be set up to run right through from time records, through integrated payroll with allocation of labour costs to individual jobs.

All journals can be allocated to individual jobs and both supplier and customer invoice entry routines makes it easy to divide costs and income between jobs. Using the "class" and "item" systems facilitates the use of the same data for different purposes.

Both purchase and sales can run from original order/quotation or tender onwards.

The reporting menu includes Profit & Loss by job reports and the brilliant integration with Excel enables one button easy export of data to spreadsheet for further reporting if required.

TAS Books has superior VAT control, but the Premier version of QuickBooks enables accountants to review client systems down the wire and enter data or make amendments down the wire if needed. That's rather like being a client's onsite part-time management accountant without even leaving your desk in your own office.

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By AnonymousUser
25th May 2003 12:29

100% agree
I have been complaining about exactly the same issues. So have my clients and unfortuantely for TAS several of them are now seriously looking at alternative packages. It is becoming increasingly difficult to recommend TAS because of the lack of job costing and your comments about the tag codes is spot on.

Count me in and a copy of your document would be much appreciated to [email protected]

Meanwhile have you been in touch with infoplex?

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