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Calling REAL bloggers

Where are you?

Come on small practice bloggers old and hopefully new ones as well, please liven up the blogs section of this site.

I do not want to read, here is my advice type of blogs. I know better than them. I want to read real practice life blogs (NO ADVICE PLEASE), besides my own brilliant ones. 

The blogs section of the site needs a new lease of life. 



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18th Oct 2017 17:42

When an animal is wounded and dying, the soft light of hope fades from its eyes.

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By mrme89
18th Oct 2017 17:51

Nobody wants to risk doing a blog when their blog will always be in the shadow of yours.

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to mrme89
18th Oct 2017 20:29


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By mrme89
to FirstTab
18th Oct 2017 20:33


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By mrme89
to mrme89
19th Oct 2017 10:23

I succumbed to the temptation :(

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to mrme89
19th Oct 2017 11:43

A really good blog. I hope to see more of these.

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18th Oct 2017 18:16

There is a blog section?

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18th Oct 2017 18:30

FirstTab wrote:

Come on small practice bloggers old and hopefully new ones as well, please liven up the blogs section of this site.

I do not want to read, here is my advice type of blogs. I know better than them. I want to read real practice life blogs (NO ADVICE PLEASE), besides my own brilliant ones. 

The blogs section of the site needs a new lease of life. 


You're sat in the corner of the pub on your own again, aren't you? Stop drinking, put that iphone down, and go mingle. And hand over your trouser clips to the landlord in case you are tempted to cycle home tonight.

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18th Oct 2017 18:36

While I'd never call myself a REAL blogger and was an occasional blogger on this site.

Not anymore though because:

a) I've got too much work to do
b) I can't be arsed and
c) I haven't got anything interesting to share on an internet forum - I'd rather discuss it with a pint in hand

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18th Oct 2017 18:53

Not sure that's entirely fair FirstTab. Just taking the latest 10 blogs as an example, none of them are what you describe as 'here is my advice' columns.

We had an issue with spam bloggers jamming up the page a little while ago, and have now put in place a rule that any new members must request blogging rights. This seems to have stemmed the tide a little.

I take your point that we are short on small practice owners on the blogs, and like yourself would love to see more of them.

However, we have had a couple of excellent posts from new blogger But the Books, and regulars like Jennifer Adams, A mum and an accountant and yourself have also posted in the last few weeks.

We are actively looking for new bloggers, and if you have any constructive suggestions or ideas for how we can do this do let me know.



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18th Oct 2017 20:22

Thanks for the response. It was a tongue in cheek post after after a hard day and it was meant to be a light-hearted post.

My point being it would be good to have more small practice topics blogs that have that have nothing to promote beyond wanting to share/blow off steam. They are the best ones to read.

I was not serious when I mentioned my blogs are brilliant. I cannot judge my content.

Tom, agreed that are some good small practice bloggers. The frequency is blogging is lacking. It is not a reflection on them but a point about lack of small practice blogs.

I do not think you can deny that blog section is used to promote/sell and blogs are an excuse. promote. Though, more recently this area has improved considerably.

At the end of the day, Sift caters for a wider readership, it means it needs to have variety in its content.

I do not understand Sift's editorial decisions on promoting some blogs everytime a blog is posted. Having said that, it is Sift's platform. It means editorial decisions are at their discretion. It would be good to have some explanation. It is to do with Sifts perception of the caliber of content writers?

Also please explain the different categories of featured bloggers? Some appear with Sift's privilege orange badge and others are blue badge holders.

How about Sift making it a condition in order to be shortlisted for the small practice of the year award, entrants need to blog on AW? If they can complete an application that was shortlisted they can blog. May work.

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18th Oct 2017 20:32

i try to do one a month but not posted for a while as been snowed under last 4/5 weeks.

If i am honest I think an earlier comment you made FT about the read counter no longer showing is a valid one. I dont mind spending the time writing them if people get some use from reading them, judging by the by the amounts of comments on them these days it seems they are a bit tucked away and dont have the profile they once did.

Tom is there no way you can reinstate the clicker so you know if blogs are receiving hits as it useful and if people know they are getting read may take the time to do more.

If the blogs are not well read it feels a bit like talking to yourself, which as I have an 11 year old daughter i do plenty of at home.

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to Glennzy
18th Oct 2017 21:58

Thanks for the post Glenn. I agree that the read counter is a miss, particularly for those who put a lot of effort into their blogs. I'll ask the question and let you know.

In the meantime, if you'd like to know how a particular blog of yours has performed just let us know (and that counts for you, FirstTab and anyone else who puts themselves out there on the blogs).

All the best,


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to TomHerbert
19th Oct 2017 12:40

Shouldn't that be Glennzy?

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to Hugh Simpson
19th Oct 2017 13:32

After bonding over some craft beer at Xerocon me and Tom and now on first name terms.

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18th Oct 2017 22:50

They can get a little lost and finding items posted to them when they are no longer on the front blog page is tricky, in effect they have a short shelf life.

Having something similar to Any Answers Recent Posts tab re them would be very useful, conversations might flow better and be more interesting. (This covers blogs, editorial articles et al) You would easily spot when someone had posted.

Given Any Answers is getting very poor at times better quality discussions do need encouraged or the site will gravitate to being pretty useless.

You are now all going to tell me there is such functionality and I am an idiot for not knowing how it works.

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19th Oct 2017 09:15

The blogs that walked us through the daily life soap of people setting up in practice, or for those more established dealing with the everyday eccentricies of clients and staff alike, were both theraputic and reassuring. Having kindred spirits really can stop you from going crazy or, worse, thinking you're going crazy.

Over the years Joe Public has found his way more and more onto Aweb - if the Any Answers section is anything to go by - and I can see why practitioners are reluctant to relate tales that feature clients, and for that matter staff. Will such raconteuring be further dampened by GDPR?

But as one door closes... I think there could be room for a blogging spin-off that is not just engaging but which also has some underlying practical benefit. Off the cuff ideas are:

A Transfer Market: Where individual clients can be freely exchanged or sold for a transfer fee; and Pareto clients can be given free transfers.

A Labour Exchange: Where accountants and bookkeepers can be hired by practices for individual assingments or short durations.

A Good Health Club: Where competing participants endeavour to quit smoking, stop shovelling food down their gobs, and lay off the sauce.

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19th Oct 2017 09:40

I echo Glennzy's comment -you have to search for them especially amongst the ones that are from advertising. My excuse for not keeping my blog up to date (see 'The Final Straw') is that I've been ill and am still trying to catch up on work.
When the 'new and improved' site came into being there were a number of things that disappeared that had previously been helpful. At the time I asked John (editor) as to why the reader count had gone - not only from the blogger area but the article area as well. He said that that was the template and couldnt be reinstated.
The template is for all Sift sites (unfortunately)
Whether that can be reinstated now - we will have to wait and see if Tom can do anything.
Meanwhile - I am thinking that maybe when one of the 'featured bloggers' posts that a comment to that effect could be loaded automatically/allowed to be made under Any Answers which is where most members look?

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