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Calls to HMRC


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A colleague has just called PD1 on a direct number. "Sorry we can't take your call.  Goodbye".

And it's January!!

We've managed to work as normal since 17 March 2020 albeit everyone largely working from home.  What is the matter with HMRC.

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By Paul Crowley
07th Jan 2022 14:12

It is Friday
In Dec HMRC announced all Fridays off for most lines

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By Catherine Newman
07th Jan 2022 16:19

I had to stop work today when someone said their staff member had gone home and she would ring me on Monday. I forgot it was Friday.

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08th Jan 2022 14:44

Its everywhere. I had an auto text from private dentist at 12.00pm yesterday. It required a quick answer. Phoned at 2.00 to be told on answerphone it was shut for the weekend. This is a high fee paying business.

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