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can a company charge me for processing an invoice

A company I work for has a third party payroll processing company , and wants to charge me for it

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19th May 2019 12:47

You're an employee and your employer wants you to pay a fee to pay your salary?

Time to get a new job.

As a rule, deductions from salary require your express consent, so your employer would need to consent. If they are insisting - eg making it a condition of employment, it's almost certainly unlawful.

You should think about taking a claim to an industrial tribunal for unauthorised deductions from wages. The downside is that unless you have worked there for more than a year, they can fire you without excuse.

For more advice on this, I recommend and acas.

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19th May 2019 12:48

Are you employed "company I work for" or self employed ?
If the former they shouldn't charge

if the latter they are providing an accountancy service so yes they can charge

You are confusing in your post by saying " payroll service " and "raising an invoice"

Which is it payroll or invoice ??

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20th May 2019 06:59

Yes it is legal because they are not deducting it from you it should be part of your pay. Do you work for an agency, it's quite common in that industry.

Speak to the company and get them to explain your rate of pay and how this deduction was included.

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to Sandnickel
20th May 2019 12:37


Yes it is legal because they are not deducting it from you it should be part of your pay.

Perhaps you could rephrase that.

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to lionofludesch
20th May 2019 12:58

The fee for the payroll process is included in the gross pay that is negotiated with the payer.

As I said, you should be checking that this is the case.

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to Sandnickel
20th May 2019 13:09

Who ? Me ?

I'm still trying to establish whether the OP is an employee or not.

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20th May 2019 08:15

I'm not going to guess the scenario.

Tell us more of your story and I'll give you an answer.

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By SXGuy
20th May 2019 10:43

No Idea what your actual question is.

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20th May 2019 11:58

It depends if you're an employee or a self employed worker, which is it?

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