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Can a minister of Religion be a company director

Company director

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Can a minister of Religion who is actually in the U.K. with a Certificate of Sponsorship serve as a company director or serve in a company board?


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24th Nov 2018 14:31

What's your thinking? Secular law doesn't trust people of faith or the constitution of the religious organisation s/he serves doesn't like moonlighting with other roles?

If in doubt, the individual in question should take advice from an appropriate source. An accountancy forum is not that source.

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24th Nov 2018 14:43

Certificate of Sponsorship ? The inference is that he's foreign.

Nothing to stop him being a director just because he's foreign.

Tell us why you think he might not be able to be a director and we'll tell you why you're wrong*.


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24th Nov 2018 17:14

No, you can not serve God and mammon.

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to andy.partridge
24th Nov 2018 17:19

Matt 6:24

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to lionofludesch
26th Nov 2018 07:47

Don’t you mean Andy 5:14

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