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Can a non-qualified sign off CIMA for others?

Can a non-qualified sign off CIMA for others?

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We have a placement doing CIMA under my supervision, however I'm only part qualified. Am I allowed to sign off her experience? Has it got to be a fully qualified accountant to do it?

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blue sheep
By Nigel Henshaw
19th Mar 2020 07:03

What did CIMA say?

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By paul.benny
19th Mar 2020 07:04

My guess - and is just a guess - is that it's No. If a person is not qualified how can they demonstrate that they are competent to sign of the training record.

That said, have you (or the trainee) considered asking CIMA directly?

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By Duggimon
19th Mar 2020 08:25

I would have thought not, but CIMA are definitely the people to ask.

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By sft230
19th Mar 2020 09:55

Hi Katy,

Yes, you can sign off a CIMA candidate’s Practical Experience Requirement if you are part qualified. Our membership application form outlines the following requirements:

- Your proposer and seconder must be people you have worked for in the past or are currently working for.
- They must have direct knowledge of your work - ideally your manager - and have been in a more senior position than you. Together they must be able to verify at least 36 months of the relevant practical experience that appears in your Detailed Record of Experience, including 18 months in the core area.
- Neither your proposer or seconder needs to be a member of CIMA, nor do they need to be a qualified accountant.
- Your practical experience cannot be verified by a relative.

If you need additional information, please check our FAQs (page 3 and page 4) available at

I hope this helps.

Many thanks,

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