can a non-vat registered business claim back

import vat from customs and excise?

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a client is not registered for vat but they are importing from Germany stock valued at about £20,000. it is a one-off transaction, which will not push turnover above vat registration threshold. Can the client claim back import vat and how? or do they pay the import vat and then deduct as an allowable expense? many thanks. 

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By Ruddles
21st May 2024 16:45

No they can't claim the VAT (as far as I am aware). The VAT is no different from the VAT included in any other stock acquisition - it is part of the cost of the stock. So, no, they can't claim it as an allowable expense either. Client will effectively get the deduction when it hits P&L as part of cost of sales.

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By Jason Croke
21st May 2024 17:22

Can't reclaim the UK import VAT unless they are UK VAT registered.

It'll just be a cost to the business and the VAT treated as an irrecoverable cost/expense in the accounts.

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