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Can a pro golfer operate through a limited company

If a professional golfer is entering tournaments in their own name, can they operate via ltd co?

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We have a client that has been introduced to us via their management team - a professional golfer who has set up a limited company.  He has income from tournament winnings and sponsorship deals.  From reading the Business Income Manual, the closest area covered is that of an athlete where the issue of a personal service company is mentioned.  This only relates to sponsorship income and doesn't mention winnings. It mentions that if a sponsorship deal is in the name of the athlete personally, they are taxed on the income personally whether the company is entitled to receive the money or not. This makes me think because the tournament in question is 'contracting' with the individual golfer, it has to go in his or her name personally, rather than the services of the golfer being supplied via the limited company.  Does anyone have experience on this?

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