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can a sole trader claim Personal development costs as an expense?

can a sole trader claim Personal development...

Im aware that if you are enhancing current skills that you can claim it as an expense but if it is a new skill then it isn't allowable but what are the rules around personal development? for example if they were part of a mentoring scheme where they will be looking at marketing and finance etc, could they claim this as an expense as they should already have some of these skills in order to be able to run a business.



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01st Mar 2016 10:37

CPD is allowable.

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01st Mar 2016 11:53


I would include this as CPD, you couldn't have no marketing skills at all, the client is improving theirs..

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01st Mar 2016 14:37

Fine-but what ridiculous claims have others seen?

My favourite- this really happened - was a taster for Egon Ronay who tried to claim for his dentures.

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By nikki_h
02nd Mar 2016 11:11

Thank you all. I thought that would be the case. I was having a brain melt down and just wanted to check!

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