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Can AAT practices sign of Service charge accounts?

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Hi All,

As a AAT MIP can we sign the Report of factual findings for Service charge Accounts?
I have prepared Service charge accounts before but as an employee of another practice. Please note this wouldn’t be for sites that need an audit. 

It states on the report that it isn’t an audit or in accordance with International standards on auditing....

then goes on to say...  we do not express any assurance on the service charge accounts other than making factual statement. 

It would mean preparing the accounts from a managing agents records and including the report of factual findings page. Making sure I agree with the report. 

Many thanks for your help.

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blue sheep
19th Feb 2021 09:55

I dont see why not - what does AAT member services say?

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Replying to NH:
By Randomguy
20th Feb 2021 09:29

Thanks for your reply. I have emailed them.

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