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Can an agent leave a client online?

When parting company with a client can notification to HMRC be done just online?

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I am ceasing to act for a client and am trying to establish the correct way to go about notifying HMRC. Can I simply delete them from my client list or should I actually write to HMRC?

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By gainsborough
21st Jan 2019 20:22

Yes, you can just delete the client from your list online.

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By SXGuy
22nd Jan 2019 10:50

I haven't found deleting them actually works. I still receive client lists with clients I deleted over 12 months prior.

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By CJaneH
24th Jan 2019 18:00

Just deleting them on line means you cannot access information on line. Unless they appoint another agent you may receive letters etc. from HMRC many years later.

My method is to write to HMRC requesting that you are removed from all data bases. PAYE as well as self assessment. After a while you will no be able to access that ex-client on line with HMRC.

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By Pacenote
25th Jan 2019 07:09

It is sounding as though I need to delete them online and write to HMRC to complete the task.

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