Can an amended accounts and CT Return be filed

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Can an amendment be filed of accounts and CT return to HMRC. The previous accountant has put in to have company dissolved. The client is now trading as sole proprietor. First notice posted in the Gazette. The amendment has reduced profits and tax and dramatically alter the value of the assets and liabilities. Can these still be amended for HMRC purposes or must Companies House hold off dissolution?

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By Truthsayer
02nd Nov 2023 16:06

I'm not aware of any rule that says companies with a striking-off application cannot amend their CT returns.

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By Roland195
03rd Nov 2023 10:09

There is nothing to stop you from filing amended accounts & corporation tax returns, you would have to stop the striking off application for it to have any effect. The timeframe for repayments from HMRC would be far greater than 3 months.

That said, I would be carefully considering what the terms of your engagement are on this & what the overall impact of doing this would be - will the total costs in correcting outweigh any benefit, either you your client or the Treasury?

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By Calculatorboy
04th Nov 2023 21:21

It sounds like a client to avoid

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By Ruddles
05th Nov 2023 10:54

You have asked “can?” but the question ought to have been “should?”

As you have not explained the nature of the adjustment I am not going to attempt to answer that question.

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