Andy Ng
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Can anybody help ?

Can anybody help ?

I am having problem with trying to register a client to gain charity status with the charities commission
Was wondering if anyone has successfully gain a registration before that can give me some guidance as to the specifics of the wording requirements




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21st Feb 2016 08:56

Is your problem that the Charities Commission don't agree that your client's activities are charitable?

Or is it something else?

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By Andy Ng
23rd Feb 2016 18:19

All the client wants is to be registered so that he could help the community by giving moneytary donations and set up scholarship funds
He will also be organizing fund raising activities via his peers and organization for the purpose above and support the disaster aid charities
The commission accepted the scholarship line but rejected the rest saying the it does not encompass the requirement of the charities act
It looks like my wordings in the application needs attention and I hope someone with the experience can guide me through

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21st Feb 2016 19:31

We have formed
Charities if you want more help please pm me

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24th Feb 2016 10:04

It sounds more like

your client wants to give to charity rather than be a charity.

Charities should have a stated specific purpose, a goal for which they are raising money. The scholarship your client talks about would qualify. Raising money to then give to other charities would not, at least so far as I am aware. If he wants to set up a charity for disaster aid he would need to be providing some sort of disaster aid rather than passing on funds raised to others.


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24th Feb 2016 11:51

Further to Duggimon...

I think that Duggimon may have hit on a trend at the Commission. They told me on the phone that they are trying to limit the amount of charities by not registering grant making charities - their argument is that if you want to make a grant, make it directly to one of the many existing charities.

However is there a possible workaround in that you could have one objective as being the scholarships, another being the distribution of charitable funds at the trustees' absolute discretion? There are many charities set up in this manner.

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