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Can anyone beat this nightmare?

January 31st Accounts & Tax Return Deadline

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Picture the scene; Our landlord (council) has painters in downstairs refurbishing the previous tenant's area, kitchen and reception.  The fumes from the paint have been giving us headaches for a week - bad enough.  2.05pm January 31st. 3 members of staff frantically working on the remaining outstanding Accounts & Tax Returns. The painter & his mate decide to remove (meaning cut any visible cables) the equipment in the previous tenant's server room.  Result: our telephone & internet disappear!  Telephone lines have been cut. Bt very good & divert calls to a mobile. Conversations with the Landlord initially get us nowhere.  We politely (that may be slightly inaccurate) point out that there are £3100 of penalties at risk ( yes we actually totaled them) for which we will hold them responsible. After 2 hours of getting nowhere and plans afoot for taking computers etc home, a bright spark from council IT dept obtains a dongle for us and therefore internet available.  All's well that ends well, but not until gone 8pm!  And I thought I knew what stress was!

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02nd Feb 2018 14:01

Not quite as bad, we lost emails, but not phone or internet at midday on Wednesday which meant obtaining last few client approvals was fun. Didn't get email back until yesterday.
At least my dad waited until yesterday before collapsing and being carted off to hospital.

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By Maslins
02nd Feb 2018 16:00

Watson Associates wrote:

...a bright spark from council IT dept obtains a dongle for us...

Normally that would be considered an oxymoron. Kudos to that person.

Thankfully we had no disasters, other than one of our fairly key staff members being off with flu for last ~10 days of January.

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02nd Feb 2018 16:07

Blimey. We lost all electric, which included our phones/internet on the 30th. It came back on at Midday, but it was stressful enough.

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By Tornado
02nd Feb 2018 17:57

Not that it would have helped necessarily in these circumstances but our IT system has battery backups that keep the system going for about 45 mins. This has proved to be a life saver as although we do not get many power cuts, we are no longer bothered about any sort of power failure or flicker.

I would recommend battery back up which just works quietly in the background and does not cost very much to buy.

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