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Can anyone help with US tax return please

US tax help

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My client (Ltd Co) did some work for a US college last year - all done remotely/virtually from the UK.  The college insists that there is filing requirement even though there is no witholding.  Is anyone on here a US tax specialist or can anyone recommend one please?

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By Grayson Moore
18th May 2020 16:22

Try David Treitel at

David has posted on here in the past.

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By WhichTyler
18th May 2020 16:51

It's pretty common for US payers to require some sort of form to justify not withholding. One of the Form W8-BEN-E usually fits the bill if you are claiming treaty benefits (which you might well be doing). But worth checking with the payer if that will do for them before you or your client completes it...

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