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Can anyone recommend a good Cypriot accountancy firm?

Can anyone recommend a good Cypriot accountancy...

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We have acquired a Cypriot company. It's very small (less than £500K turnover) with very simple requirements ie year end accounts and corporation tax work together with any local filing requirements. We need to appoint a local accountant who can help with the above so recommendations would be very welcome.
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14th Jul 2009 13:53

Isn't that CYPRIOT?
I think so.

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By Lahtac
22nd Jul 2009 22:16

Cypriot Accountant
I am a partner in Wallace O'Donoghue in Ireland. We are a member firm in Ireland of IEC an international accounting network. Our member firms are small to medium firms so you will be dealing with a single contact or 2 and you won't get fleeced on fees. We have a Cypriot member firm Audit Chart. The contact details are as follows:

George Themistocleous AAIA
Managing Director
Auditchart Limited
61, Arch Makarios III Aven, 2nd floor,
P.O. Box 53684
3317 Limassol - Cyprus
Tel. 00357.7777.8910 or 00357.2576.2216
Fax 00357.2576.1146
E-mail [email protected]

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