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Can anyone recommend a Recruitment Company?

We are looking for a recruitment company.

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I run a small practice in South London and I would like to establish a long-term relationship with a recruitment company, ideally one that has plenty of experience of recruiting to practices like ours.

Does anyone have a good recommendation?


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By mrme89
01st Dec 2017 12:59

As a candidate, Robert Half has been the best by a country mile.

I have dealt with others that are slack and have sent me to pointless interviews with misinformation.

I dealt with the Leeds branch, so have no idea if they southern branches will be of the same quality.

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By kestrepo
01st Dec 2017 15:00

Sorry no recommendations but in my experience they almost all have access to exactly the same pool of candidates unless you are looking for someone with very specific skills.

A coupe of tips if I may: Make sure you read the terms and conditions thoroughly - there is a reason why agencies t's & c's are up to 15 pages long!! If you are looking for permanent employees negotiate on the margin (the 25%+ they quote is wholly negotiable.), rebate (amount you receive if they leave), the terms/dating (they always ask for 7 but usually happy to quote 30 days and the termination clauses (always more complicated than necessary).

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By andy.partridge
01st Dec 2017 15:33

You may as well ask for a recommendation for breakfast cereal. Nobody knows your culture or the style of relationship you want with the supplier.

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