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Can Anyone Recommend a Specialist Accountant?

Needs Knowledge of English, Irish and Scots Law and English/Irish Company Formation.

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I expect recommendations may be confined to a "top 10" firm with a presence in the UK and the Irish Republic with probably a base in Scotland as well.

Contact wants accountant with knowledge of:

Company Formation between England and Irish Republic.

English, Scottish and Irish property and business law as well as their (corporate) tax systems.

Support for business start up in Irish Republic.

Can anyone recommend from experience a firm which excels in these areas.



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24th Jan 2019 09:14

Sounds like they need a lawyer as much as an accountant or tax adviser...

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to WhichTyler
24th Jan 2019 19:11

Thanks for that information - every little helps.
I would imagine that an accountancy firm specialising in these areas would have either good lawyer contacts or maybe even in-house legal expertise.

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24th Jan 2019 19:17

Anyone know who the accountants are for:
Anglo Irish Banking Corp Plc
Greencore Plc/Northern Foods Plc
Or indeed any other Anglo Irish company venture?

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to penelope pitstop
24th Jan 2019 19:34

Look at their annual accounts on co house...

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to penelope pitstop
24th Jan 2019 19:58

Auditors of accounts may not help as may not also do the tax etc bits, a lot of that will possibly be in house.

Re lawyers no idea if Irish presence but have used Dentons who are certainly represented down south and took over Maclay Murray up here, but only used re property and marine not corporate- they are not that cheap.

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