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Can anyone recommend stock control software for a small manufacturing concern?

Can anyone recommend stock control software for...

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My client is setting up a business to rebuild a certain make of classic car, maybe ten or so a year.

Parts will be new, bought in for a specific car being rebuilt, or used parts recovered from cars that are no longer road worthy

either for use on a car being rebuilt or to be resold to other enthusiasts.

Can anyone recommend a programme for this exercise?

Many thanks to anyone leaving a response.

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By David Carter
28th May 2010 00:25

Maybe you need Job Costing not Stock Control

Your numbers are very small.  And you say parts are often being purchased for a particular car.

So maybe you don't need Stock Control software at all, but Job Costing software so you can track all the costs associated with building each car. 

Sage would handle it, I should think.  Switch on the Project Costing module and treat each car as a project. (It can also handle Stock Issues to jobs.) 



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