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Can childcare costs be allowable for self employed

Self Employed Mother - Childcare Costs

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If a self employed mother has to pay childcare costs in order to be able to carry out her business, can this cost be allowable against her business profits?



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18th Dec 2018 23:29


No, looking after the child is a cost of being a parent, not a cost of running a business.

It is advisable for those in business to engage a good local accountant (just as this one appears to have engaged a child care service). This can take the worry out of dealing with the paperwork - and what expenses (such as childcare) have to be added back in the tax computations. The businessman - or woman - then has more time to focus on the business. And/or child.

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By frankfx
19th Dec 2018 18:01

Have you looked at the tax free child care scheme?

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