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Can director claim overnight in own 2nd property?

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Director of the company has a second home which has been let in their past but is now empty. It is on the way to a project he’s currently working on, his main residence is 100 miles+ away.  Can he claim an amount from the business to cover his overnight stays there.  Any ideas how much would be considered appropriate?


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17th Jan 2019 17:13

So his company gets 19% Corporation Tax relief and he pays Income Tax at 20%, maybe more, on the rental income ?

The first question is - do the numbers stack up ?

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to lionofludesch
30th Jan 2019 16:39

Yes, thank you, good point, but it makes sense to as they can set expenses against the income. Presumably the 'house' can just invoice the company at an appropriate rate.

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to AJ
30th Jan 2019 16:42

Sure. You're the one with the figures to hand.

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