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Can HMRC revoke a voluntarily VAT registered business?

Can HMRC revoke a voluntarily VAT registered...


Customer is registered for VAT voluntarily (turnover a lot less than threshold) - behind with their Vat payments altho returns have been submitted as they have become due.

Can HMRC revoke the registration?

I have suggested this to client as (imho) whilst they remain registered they are never going to 'catch up' but they are unwilling to deregsiter (not sure whether they see it as a climbdown / lack of credibility or what really).

Many thanks for help / suggestions!


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12th Jul 2012 10:20


Presumably they don't want to deregister because it would stop them charging VAT to customers that they then keep, rather than handing over to HMRC!

Consider walking away if they are insolvent, bad managers and not listening to your advice


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By jane
12th Jul 2012 10:41

Hmrc revoke VAT registration

Thanks for reply - if only it were that simple!!!!!!!!!!!

But would still like to know if HMRC can withdraw the registration seeing as customer 'wont'.

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By Monsoon
20th Jul 2012 18:20

I think they can

But that's just a Friday evening guess.

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