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Can i apply for a EORI number as an agent ?

An EORI number is a European Union registration and identification number for businesses.

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Hi everyone, 

Not sure whether this is a stupid question or not as ive never been asked this by a client before ....

Basically , a client asked today if we could help him apply for a EORI number which is required to import and export goods in to or out of the EU. Im thinking it may be something that will be  required following Brexit as ive never heard of it before. My question is can i apply for this on behalf of my client or does he need to do it himself?. I have looked on the goverment website and the process seems relatively simply however it requires the client to use his personal government gateway ID and password which is why im unsure as to wether i have the authority to do this or if there is anyway i can apply through our agent services account as we do have agent access for the client ? 

If anybody can shed any light on the siutation before i ring HMRC to save me a 45 minute phonecall on hold trying to reach a human being, it would be kindly appreciated.


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By Wilson Philips
12th Jun 2019 19:22

Until recently agents could apply. As you’ve discovered, it now needs to be done through the client’s Gateway.

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By johnhemming
12th Jun 2019 19:38

An Economic Operator Registration and Identification number is required for moving goods outside the customs area that the UK is in. If we have a "no deal" Brexit that is the UK. At the moment it is the EU. Who knows what it might be in the future.

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