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Can I claim mileage as a business expense?

As a self employed hairdresser renting a chair can I claim mileage for travel to and from that salon


I'm a self-employed hairdresser who rents a chair in a salon, I also do some mobile work where I travel to clients homes. From what I understand I'm allowed to claim mileage when travelling to a clients home and travelling to and from the wholesalers to buy products I use at work. Am I also allowed to claim mileage travelling to and from the salon?



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15th Oct 2017 14:52

This isn't a forum for self-employed hairdressers seeking free tax advice.

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15th Oct 2017 15:38


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15th Oct 2017 18:12

Generally yes. Though you'd need to exclude journeys which were commuting.

There are a hundred or so examples on the HMRC website.

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