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Can I claim tax relief on renting house?

Client wishes to rent a house rather than paying for a hotel when away

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A self employed client has won a large contract in Kent. He lives in London. The contract will last for approximately 9 months.

It is too far to commute but a hotel will be expensive so he wishes to rent a house instead. Will all rental costs and utility bills be allowable?


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By possep
11th May 2017 11:52

Look at the Tim Healey case.

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Replying to possep:
By Dick Stastey
11th May 2017 12:00

How will that help?

Tim Healy ultimately lost his appeal on duality of purpose because he rented a house with sufficient rooms to allow guests to stay with him.

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Replying to Dick Stastey:
By possep
11th May 2017 12:38

That's exactly why it will help! It will help determine whether it is allowable as not enough facts have been provided.

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Replying to possep:
By alltaxedout
11th May 2017 14:03

That case was very useful possep. Thank you.

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By TheLambtonWorm
11th May 2017 12:07

If by self employed you mean sole trader, then as long as he has an existing home, and his family don't move down with him, then it should be fine to claim on the same basis that the hotel costs would be claimed.

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