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Can i claim the 4 self employed grant?w

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I started self employment in 2014 alongside a paye job. I was made redundant may 2019, i didnt get the other grants due to 50/50 rule. I havent had a full year of trading  full time self employment, that hasnt been during the covid crisis. I believe im entitled to this grant but my income from self employment has been steadyly increasing since i started. I havent been able to work face to face clients since January. Government wont allow me to work in my own home. I turn away clients nearly every week, who want face to face rather than online or phone counselling. I'm lucky i do have an income.  It would be hard for me to prove that my income has been effected but i have lost alot of work. Can i claim?

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By Paul Crowley
24th Apr 2021 13:58

HMRC will contact you if you are entitled

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By DaveyJonesLocker
24th Apr 2021 22:13

You make your own judgement, HMRC say agents aren't to be involved.

And from claims I've seen made, I'm pleased not.

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By fawltybasil2575
25th Apr 2021 14:21

Firstly, I assume that your 2020/21 Tax Return has been submitted. If so, and subject to the couple of caveats below, you SHOULD receive ( within a few days if not very recently received) a letter from HMRC to state that you are POTENTIALLY eligible for the SEISS 4 Grant.

[Re the “caveats” referred to above, these are that your taxable income in 2019/20 did not exceed £50K, and that your 2019/20 income did not breach the
“50/50” rule to which you refer- it appears almost certain, from the wording of your email, that neither of those caveats is applicable].

In submitting the SEISS 4 claim , you will be required to confirm that you traded in 2020/21 and that you intend to continue to trade in, albeit not necessarily throughout, the 2021/2022 tax year.

You will also be required to confirm that your GROSS income in the period 1 February 2021 to 30 April 2021 was adversely affected by Coronavirus and that the consequent reduction in income will have a “significant” adverse effect on your profits (that is a slight over-simplification but will suffice).

[An increase in EXPENSES in the claim period (due to Coronavirus) does not convey potential eligibility, only a reduction in Gross income - that distinction does not appear to have relevance however to YOUR claim; and I mention it for completeness only].

Reading between the lines of your question, it is almost certain that you will qualify for SEISS 4. The legislation does not require “proof” of eligibility; nor should it do so since in the majority of cases “proof” will not be possible.

It is wise to, and Government guidance recommends that you, make and retain a contemporaneous note of the specific factors which resulted in Coronavirus adversely affecting your business.


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