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Can I claim the cost of cancelling HMRC penalties?

Can I claim the accountancy fees in cancelling HMRC penalties on behalf a client?

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Dear All,

Where I have submitted to HMRC, on behalf of a client who may be self-employed, or a sole trader, partnerships, property rentals, a company, etc. on the following:

  1. Failure to notify appeals
  2. Late filing penalty appeals
  3. Late payment penalty appeals
  4. Inaccuracy penalty appeals
  5. Property rental tax enquiry cases
  6. Withdrawal of a tax return
  7. Special relief claims


Can the client claim the cost of my fees in his accounts & tax returns in the following tax year where:

  1. I successfully got HMRC to cancel all of the penalties?
  2. Partially successful in cancelling some of the penalties?
  3. If the client cannot claim the cost of my fees in his accounts and tax returns, why is this the case?
  4. Can you please point me to HMRC Business Income Manual/legislation with example cases that addresses these matters?

Your help in these matters discussed above would be duly appreciated

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