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can i delay banckcruptcy

can i delay banckcruptcy

my next hearing is 15 nov

hmrc are refusing to address vat account info  the vat desroyed my buisness .there last involvement was in 2007

 ive made repeated requests and three sars  im just getting runaround   ive got form 6.19 from court

1 how do i  word  "thieving gits are refusing to supply evidence of a direct assault on my assets  debt 3.5k went to 32k in 18 months and who knows what else "on form 6.19

2 ive made a foi request  using link from  tax investigation for dummies  is this delivered in electronic format and what actions do i take if/when they dont provide


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16th Oct 2011 12:53

Apply to the court for

Apply to the court for specific disclosure.

Ask for an adjournment so that the application can be heard.

However, the need for such an application will need to be well founded. Also, once you have had one adjournment in a bankruptcy court, I understand it becomes quite difficult to obtain another.

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By Locutus
16th Oct 2011 13:20

Difficult to understand what is going on

After reading the above posting and particularly your previous posting on 3 October "has the law been broken", it seems like a big mistake you have made in the past is not filing your VAT returns on time (they possibly still haven't been filed) and that as a consequence you have been penalised for this.

Although you are asking for a VAT account (statement of VAT demanded and payments received?), this doesn't prevent you from filing the missing returns.  Until all of your VAT returns are filed up to date then I doubt whether you will get anywhere with your court hearing.

Also, the fact that you had £10.1k in credit for self assessment is irrelevant for VAT. 

If you have the money, then I would strongly suggest that you pay a professional to get your affairs in order, as he / she will understand the law much better than you.

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19th Oct 2011 11:47

I agree - get your Returns in, otherwise you have little cause for complaint.

If you are facing demands that include estimates and interest and penalties that are geared to those estimates and you can then show by submitting Returns that the actual VAT due is less, then the interest and penalties will automatically be scaled down in proportion.

I had a client who should have owed nothing but failed to submit his Self Assessment Returns - he was bankrupted for £15,000 that I immediately got reduced to Nil as soon as I became involved. But by this time a greedy firm of insolvency practitioners had taken over his affairs - that cost him £43,000 in their fees. Whilst they are hateful people, the client really had only himself to blame.

Don't just rail ignorantly against a system that will just roll over you. No-one in HMRC is personally motivated to 'get you', and no-one here will have any sympathy for people with silly persecution complexes who don't attend to their own affairs.

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19th Oct 2011 15:50

Own Silly Fault

Yep No sympathy, sounds like this problem could have been avoided by engaging a competent adviser or keeping affairs in order. Now it's nearly to late.

Tax investigations for Dummies --- I ask you ?

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