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Can I do anything about 2011/12 rental costs just discovered

Can I do anything about 2011/12 rental costs...

I have a client who has only just informed us that he has been paying interest on a mortgage relating to his rental property.

We can amend the 2013 SAR to include these but are out of time to amend the 2012 SAR.

Has anyone any ideas?  We considered lumping it in with 2013, but as far as I can tell the resultant loss could not be carried back and as well as not technically being the correct thing to do, would make the figures look very odd indeed.

I can't think of any other avenues.




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By CJaneH
06th Mar 2014 13:21

You can make an Overpayment Relief Claim - Schedule 1AB TMA 1970

claim to be made within 4 years of relevant tax year.

Can claim for 09/10.10/11,11/12.

Clam made to HMRC

PO Box 1970


L75 1WX

You need clients signature and confirmation no previous claim has been made.






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06th Mar 2014 14:00


Thank you very much for the help - can't believe it but I had these details written down for another client we are working on, but it's for such a completely different reason that I just didn't twig! I think perhaps my brain is still a little addled after January.

Thank you again for taking the time to help it is very much appreciated.

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