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Can I have a different holiday policy ?

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Hi everyone. I am using XERO to pay my employees and the payroll is using holiday hours to calculate the employees' holidays. My question is can I have a company policy where I can refuse the holiday requests for less than a day, 8 hours? The problem is that it will be hard to keep track of if people take a couple of hours holiday whenever they want. 

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By Hugo Fair
13th Jan 2022 22:03

You've conflated several quite distinct issues in a few short lines:

1. Why is "payroll is using holiday hours to calculate the employees' holidays"?
This isn't necessary IF ... all your employees work full days (of the same length) ... and at the same frequency (i.e. 5 days/week) ... and for a fixed salary (with no pay related to number of hours).
If that's not the case then the holiday entitlement can only be calculated in hours and, by definition, you then need an hourly rate that applies to that person's holiday (at a given date).

2. Can you have a company policy where you "can refuse holiday requests of less than a day (8 hours)"?
You have the right to determine quite a lot in your company policy - but (a) you can't just make this up on the fly (it should already be in writing within their employment contract or the employee handbook of T&Cs); and (b) there are a lot of minimum standards with which you have to comply (for instance the amount of notice that you demand of an employee making a leave request). [There are far too many of these to go into here, but you could look up ACAS guidelines or appoint an HR advisor].

However it's unlikely to be practical (for you) or popular (with employees) if you try enforcing a 'whole-days-only' policy for holidays.
What will you do when an employee's annual entitlement includes part of a day (say in their first year of employment)?
And if you tell someone that they must take a day's holiday (say to view a house they're thinking of buying) instead of the 2 hours they requested, they're likely to take a day 'off sick' instead!

3. You're concerned about managing to "keep track if people take a couple of hours holiday whenever they want".
First, they can't just take holiday "whenever they want" ... see point 2 above re policy.
And if you can't keep track of staff attendance/absence then you've got an entirely different problem (whether in terms of management or scheduling or systems or whatever).

So your post neatly encapsulates a common problem on this forum ... in that you've asked a simple question ("Can I have a different holiday policy?") to which the simple answer is "Yes". But you've then gone on to cover some (but not all) detail, which changes the answer to "It depends"!

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By tom123
14th Jan 2022 07:27

What is your rule with regard to medical appointments?

If you are happy for those to be taken 'in work time' then half days as a minimum amount of holiday booked are probably fine.

If you require medical appointments to be taken in booked off time, then you probably need to accommodate quarter days as a minimum

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