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Can I reclaim VAT on unpaid invoice

Is it possible to reclaim VAT charged if invoice was never paid?

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I have a construction company that is VAT registered and I issued an invoice to a property company which has since been struck off the registerat CH, however the invoice that I sent them for the materials and labour supplied was never paid but I have already paid the VAT charged to HMRC.  Would I be able to reclaim this VAT that my construction company has paid to HMRC because the invoice was never paid and never will be paid?

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By Les Howard
23rd Apr 2018 14:45

Bad Debt Relief applies 6 months from the invoice due date.

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By RufusA
23rd Apr 2018 11:52

This is something your accountant should easily be able to answer ;)

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Replying to RufusA:
By offshorejetsetter123
23rd Apr 2018 12:19

The invoice was £10,000 and I never received a penny of it, so I can claim back the £10,000 x 1/6 that I paid to HMRC as output tax that I collected because I never actually collected it?

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By Tax Conundrum
23rd Apr 2018 14:12

If more than 6 months have passed since the date of the invoice and you have written off the debt as a bad debt in your accounts then you should be able to claim bad debt relief on your VAT return and recover the output VAT that you charged.

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