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Can I register a SSAS for VAT, and thenderegister

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A client wants to buy a commercial property via a SSAS from a VAT registered entity. Can they register the SSAS for VAT, claim back the VAT on the purchase, and then de-register the SSAS for VAT? 

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By Les Howard
17th Apr 2019 10:38

What will they do in the property? Do they need to opt to tax to recover the input tax?
If you hold an opted property at deregistration, there is a deemed supply, ie: an irrecoverable VAT cost.

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18th Apr 2019 08:02

The SSAS owns commercial property which it lets to tenants who in the main are not VAT registered. The SSAS would need to register for VAT in order to claim back the VAT charged on the purchase of a commercial property. The prospective tenants would in the main not be VAT registered.
From your answer it appears that registering for VAT to reclaim the VAT on the purchase, and then de-registering would not result in a 'nil' liability to C&E.

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By nameistaken
19th Apr 2019 16:55

If you opt to tax the commercial property to claim the VAT on purchase then you may have to account for output tax on deregistration.

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