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Can my client pay Self-Assessment tax without UTR

Not yet received a UTR

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I have a new client with tax on rental income to pay. I have applied for a UTR but it is taking ages to come through. I remember, in the dim and distant past, that it was possible to pay SA tax with name, address and NI number. It would then be held in suspense by HMRC until a UTR was issued.

My client is anxious to pay the tax due as soon as possible. Is this still possible? I can't see any such options available on the HMRC website.

Many thanks.

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By Matrix
17th Jun 2021 17:14

My client didn’t have a UTR or NI number, maybe you can pay against an NI number.

You leave the reference blank and then the payment will generate a payment reference. You then call up and they allocate the payment.

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By CazzyT
18th Jun 2021 12:18

Yes, you can do this - don't be surprised if your next challenge is getting them to trace the payment and match it to the UTR once it is issued!

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Replying to CazzyT:
By SteveOH
18th Jun 2021 12:29

Yes, I was thinking the same thing myself. I think that I may give it a couple of more weeks. At least I have evidence on file that I tried to get a UTR.

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Replying to CazzyT:
By SteveHa
18th Jun 2021 12:37

Maintain a record of date of payment, exact amount paid, payment method, and the bank details from where payment was made. I don't usually commend HMRC, but they are pretty good at tracking down rogue payments with that information.

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