Can not submit VAT Return

Is is frequently that because of HMRC failure can not submit VAT Returns

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I am currently testing some code and encountered the following response: Response: {"code":"INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR","message":"An internal server error occurred"}. Upon researching online, I found that similar issues were reported in 2018 and 2020.

Is it common for such problems to occur? And what should be done if a system failure prevents the submission of VAT reports, causing a missed deadline? Are there any penalties associated with such instances?

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By Paul Crowley
28th Mar 2024 15:19

VAT filing dates are the 7th of the second month following the quarter end return date.
If the HMRC system is at fault, just try again later or the next day
No idea what 'testing some code' means in this context.

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By D V Fields
28th Mar 2024 15:45

If you are "testing code" then you are not in the live environment.
If you are in the test environment then follow the procedures for the error messages as provided by the host providers.

If you fail to file on time because you have not passed the "test environment" to gain live access then that is your problem not HMRC's.

If your issue is different then you need to explain the situation in clearer terms - which in itself may be indicative of the problem.

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Replying to D V Fields:
By iksigrek
28th Mar 2024 15:59

Issue is different. I wrote email to [email protected] and part of their answer was "... by the sound of the email it could be the 500 Internal Server Error? If so this is a known issue that is currently been investigated." So as i understand there is some issue with HMRC software/servers and they investigate it.
In live access (when you try to submit real VAT Returns for real companies) no such problem (you can submit VAT Returns)? I have no live access, that is why i ask.

When through software submit for real company, must submit to another HMRC website url. I have no company on behalf of which to authorize software to submit reports.

Actually simple question. Has anyone tried to submit the VAT report today or yesterday? Was the submission successful?

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By Jason Croke
28th Mar 2024 20:28

Never had a problem filing VAT returns generally.

Almost every time it is the sender's error (software issues or connecting to HMRC servers usually) but these are sender problems, not HMRC's.

You can appeal online via gateway, stating technology as the issue, it probably only be able to use that excuse once.

OP, this forum is for Accountants, I doubt many will be coding their own access to HMRC software. I've developed a module that trawls HMRCs VAT registration number register and the developer environment isn't brilliant but you're best bet will be with the HMRC developer team as unlikely many here will be operating in a non live sandbox environment.

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By SXGuy
29th Mar 2024 08:10

Hoping if your testing code you actually understand what an error 500 is.

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