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Can QBO audit trail be exported to Excel?

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In Sage desktop I can export the entire audit trail by going Transactions>File>Microsoft Integration>Contents to Microsoft Excel. This exports the entire transaciton database complete with transaction serial number, VAT return period, bank reconciliation date etc. Is there an equivalent for Quick Books Online?

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By accountantccole
25th Nov 2019 11:45

Run a detailed general ledger and sort by date?

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Replying to accountantccole:
By kevinringer
25th Nov 2019 13:20

Thanks, that lists in nominal order even when I select Sort>Date. I was after a list that shows transaction serial number, VAT return date and bank reconciliation date.

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By bettybobbymeggie
25th Nov 2019 20:57

The report fields available to customise reports in QBO are an absolute joke.

My personal favourite is the field marked "Split". Where the client has booked an invoice to multiple expense categories, the QBO "transaction" report helpfully returns one row of data with the word "split" in the field "Split". Can I get a report to run that includes the three-way split of such invoices? Can I ****.

Even Sage allow a csv dump of transactions with every field immaginable but this requirement seems to have passed Intuit by.

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