Can UK ACCA Practice prepare accounts for Indian company?

Can UK ACCA Practice prepare accounts for...

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I have been approached by a client who has a company in India and would like me to review the preparation of the accounts for the Indian company. Turnover is below £50k.

As an ACCA practice is this allowed? Can anyone provide any guidance please?



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By sash100
22nd Apr 2014 23:21


Are these account to be used in India ?  If so it will be under Indian GAAP and know its quite different from UK GAAP though it maybe straightforward since it seems a small company.  There maybe added complications depending on the industry.

You better check on your Professional Insurance Demnity as well

It would be cheaper for them to get someone to prepare the accounts in India

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By Sheepy306
23rd Apr 2014 08:34

Are you being asked to prepare, review or sign off the accounts? If you're simply reviewing then I don't see why not, but as Sash has already mentioned you will have to be up to speed on the technical compliance.

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By User deleted
25th Apr 2014 21:22

All companies incorporated in India are subject to audit by an Indian chartered accountant. So if you were to prepare the accounts it will still need to be audited by a local accountant.

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