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Can VAT be disallowed differently to IT?

Are there any circumstances for a payment where VAT is partially disallowed that IT is different.

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Obviously there are circumstances where only part of the VAT in a payment can be treated as input tax to reduce the total amout of VAT payable. Additionally VAT can be allowed on some capital items where the purchase is not allowable for income as it is a capital item.  However, I wonder are there any circumstances where a percentage of VAT is disallowed (say because something has a partially private use) and a different percentage of Income is disallowed for the purposes of caculating any income tax due, but it is otherwise a charge on revenue?

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By Accountant A
22nd May 2019 15:43

Is this an exam question?

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Replying to Accountant A:
By Wilson Philips
22nd May 2019 16:33

One example would be car lease payments.

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