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Can VAT be reclaimed?

Spouse paid invoice with her credit card and credit card bill then paid from business account.

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My client's wife has paid some of his business expenses using her own credit card.  The credit card bill was then settled from the business account.  As my client is a sole-trader, can the VAT still be reclaimed on these costs?

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By Duggimon
19th Apr 2017 16:40

Hi Mitch, hope you have luck finding an answer to your question, which, by the way, should be yes, you can reclaim the VAT.

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By shaun king
19th Apr 2017 16:51

I looked at Steven Glicher & Co and couldn't find the answer. Where should I be looking Searchandmore.

As an aside Mitch - yes you can and I didn't need a website for the answer!!

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By Ang
21st Apr 2017 10:34

Strictly speaking VAT can only be reclaimed providing the expense is made out to the registered VAT person/business/company but as the last VAT inspection I received was almost 15 years ago, a bit like payment in cash if the receipt is not addressed to the VAT registered person, and is not out of proportion to regular VAT return I cannot how it would ever get picked up


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