Can we claim VAT back for orders before VAT issued

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We have started a new LTD company, we are currently waiting for the UTR before we can start the VAT registration process.  Then it may take up to 30 days to get registered.

If we place a big order now, before we have registered for VAT, can we subsequently claim the VAT back once we have our VAT number?

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By williams lester accountants
19th Feb 2024 14:12

Now would be a good time to get an accountant!

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By FactChecker
19th Feb 2024 14:13

Can we presume that you resolved your previous post:
"Are there any strategies to "hide" a person with significant control from *public* view?"

You seemed to be extremely unhappy with the responses then, so may be less surprised if all of them this time say basically the same thing ... get an Accountant for 'your' company.

EDIT: I see that my predictive powers are quicker than my typing!

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By DKB-Sheffield
19th Feb 2024 14:22

TXM wrote:

If we place a big order now, before we have registered for VAT, can we subsequently claim the VAT back once we have our VAT number?

Yes, no, maybe, it depends. There is A LOT more to your question than can be answered on a forum... such as what is the order for?! [Don't answer, but your new accountant will ask that question].

As for getting your (I assume) voluntary VAT registration through in 30 days... you may be one of the lucky ones who doesn't encounter a delay!

Seriously, the best thing to do before making the decision to place a large order, is to appoint someone and talk it through with them. Why are you even registering for VAT would be a good starting point!

Still, if you're determined to DIY, and rely on advice from a public forum (which could be no more than ramdom quotes from a bot), good luck.

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By Leywood
19th Feb 2024 14:27

You appear to think, wrongly, that this is a free tax and accountancy resource for business owners.

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Replying to Leywood:
By Postingcomments
19th Feb 2024 15:17

OP should ask Spongebob on the other forum. Might be more his kind of guy.

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By WinterDragon
19th Feb 2024 15:09

Chat GPT is generally a lot friendlier than us miserable sods for free anonymous tax advice, but you can't take action against OpenAI when ChatGPT gets it wrong.

Engage an accountant and get it right first time.

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Replying to WinterDragon:
paddle steamer
19th Feb 2024 16:39

Take action against the droid with a socket set, a bearing puller and a persuader.

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Replying to DJKL:
By FactChecker
19th Feb 2024 17:49

It was a lot easier to maintain machines before they became dependent on digital controllers and the like.
Even back in the late '60s you could still fall foul of a 'printer jam' - albeit the machines were known as line-printers and weren't much smaller than an upended Mini. But the solution was simple ... open the back of the cabinet and walk in (no need to crouch), then start hitting anything that looks like it's come loose (or might give you lip) with the super-sized monkey-wrench that you keep conveniently near by for these occasions.
This nearly always worked (except for when you then had to call out the proper engineer) - and I swear that sometimes it started working as I swung the wrench but before it had connected! [Maybe the machines are sentient after all - oo'er.]

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