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Can we have REAL blogs please?

Not disguised promotion of practice/brand

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I have done my stint of blogging on AW for along period. Besides new blood for blogging on AW would be better. 

PLEASE, I would love to read blogs on AW that are genuine blogs and not even a hint of self-promotion. With this approach, the writer can be open and honest without concerns about their brand/practice.  

Great examples of fantastic blogs are CEO blogs,  Financial Controller blogs. Zero self-promotion and they had gems of information, This is what I mean. 

I do not think anything will change in me me me world of internet. Sift is not helping by allowing so much of all this.  

I thought worth a try.  


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Richard Hattersley
By Richard Hattersley
01st Jul 2020 13:37

If anyone has the hunger to start blogging and want a sounding board for their ideas, I am always up for a chat. Send me a PM and we can get you set up as a blogger.

But they'll have big shoes to fill, FT. As you know, I've always been a fan of 'My Week'. Like many others, I am interested to hear what's happened at FT HQ throughout lockdown.

Hope all is well.

Best wishes

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By Justin Bryant
01st Jul 2020 16:20

Yes; the blogs have become total rubbish I agree. Even if an interesting tax case is covered, it's usually weeks if not months after it's been published and commented on elsewhere - unlike my excellent tax case mini-blogs here of course!

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By Slim
01st Jul 2020 16:35

I enjoy reading the blogs by fellow accountants who aren't trying to push services.

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By Tornado
01st Jul 2020 17:43

What is the point of a blog if it is not for self-promotion .... but I know what you mean.

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Replying to Tornado:
Hallerud at Easter
01st Jul 2020 18:00

Entertainment, it can be similar to a soap opera, has no end point, no real purpose, just moseys along commenting on an accountants view of life, the universe and everything.

There was a great FD diary I used to read years ago but cannot remember if was on here or elsewhere, all I remember is the team were known by letters and the ups and downs of their career paths in the organisation etc, preparing for the auditors, contract wins, system changes, everything, were documented by the writer.

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