John Stokdyk
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Can you help us with some sample iXBRL files?

Can you help us with some sample iXBRL files?

A few months ago, I posted a query asking if members might be interested in using an online mechanism that would run a series of checks on their iXBRL accounts files before submission to ensure that they would pass HMRC's basic checks and a number of additional compliance criteria.

A prototype system now exists and we're looking for members who are willing to help us test it. We would like to submit a few trial accounts to the system to see how it performs with different types of iXBRL output. Ideally it would be good to test its ability to pick up some obvious mistakes (like non-compliant/non-matching names, balance sheet doesn't balance etc).

If you're concerned about client confidentiality, you can alter the name on the accounts to preserve their anonymity. We're still interested in hearing your ideas about the kinds of checks you think would help - we're thinking of this service in terms of the kinds of basic checks an experienced manager would apply to accounts before filing them. If it takes off, we're planning to get into more interesting areas such as highlighting potential high-risk areas for investigation.

Please leave a comment below or private message me if you're willing to help.


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