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Can you recommend a tax advisor?

Can you recommend a tax advisor?

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We had a potential client approach us who has recently moved to London from South America who was employed by a US tech company with some stock options available. They now have a full time job in the UK but want to cash in the stocks and move the money into a UK stocks and shares ISA. They also want to transfer some savings from South America to the UK.

This is not something we are able to advise on so I have said to the chap that we would see if we can find someone who can help. Does anyone have a recommendation? 

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By penelope pitstop
04th Dec 2019 12:45

Hate US tax!
Hate US stock options!
Hate US tax and US stock options with a vengeance.
That rules me out!

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By SteLacca
04th Dec 2019 13:47

You can probably handle this depending on the precise details of the US stocks being surrendered.

The best advice would have been to do that before coming to the UK, but hey ho.

There may or may not be a UK liability, and there may or may not be a US liability, depending on the detail.

Investing in UK ISA is unlikely to cause any tax issues at all.

Bringing the savings over will depend on whether this was capital at the time (s)he came here, or if it's earned income since coming to the UK, and if the latter, how much are we talking about?

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