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Cancel Furlough Claim

How to amned a Furlough Claim

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On webchat this morning with HMRC Covid-19: 

"no way to amend a return once it has been submitted"

"I can arrange for a technichian to call you back and talk you through cancelling and submitting your new one...average wait 7 days"

Great! So does anyone know how to cancel the old one?

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By Cheshire
12th May 2020 09:59

I would suggest you need that technician's call, although mostly they dont seem to be happening within the timescales.

You could of course write in - but with the HMRC postal system and 100k of their staff working from home you probably have even less chance than with option 1.

Short answer - no idea, sorry!

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By accountantccole
12th May 2020 10:23

Our client did their own calcs and ended up doing 80% of 80% somehow, he has been told to adjust it in the next submission. As long as you have supporting calcs, and computer doesn't reject figures, I would do that.

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Replying to accountantccole:
By lionofludesch
12th May 2020 10:41

I got an email from HMRC saying you shouldn't do that and an amendment process was on the way. The snag, of course, is that this all may be redundant by the time the system's up and running.

My inference is that HMRC don't want amendments going through so that they can check the calculations from the comfort of their desk top.

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By Southwestbeancounter
12th May 2020 11:31

Best of luck - we've been waiting over three weeks for a 48 hour (or 72 hour can't remember which now) call back!!

You need a level 3 technician as the web-chat people are very 'nice' but that doesn't get you far when you want a job done!!

I was just about to ring the CJRS line yet again but my colleague reminded me of what happened to my blood pressure last time I made that futile call!

Let's see what Rishi has to say about it all tonight! Changes afoot I do believe...........

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By Pukka
12th May 2020 12:47

As the others have said - you should log a call back with a technician & we were advised they would treat as an 'overpayment' (although this was for a company who decided to withdraw their claim for moral/ethical reasons)

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By joface
13th May 2020 11:27

Just had my call back from a technician re my messed up claim (missed off an employee), took 10 days to call me back but worth the wait, they have resubmitted it over the phone for me and difference will be paid in 6 days

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